UE-Erase Xfoliant VS. UST-Pacific Pipes

Actually this is supposed to be the first post that is supposed to look like a game recap. Unfortunately, i missed the friggin’ game! What happened is, due to my excitement, I went to san andres gym at malate, in office uniform, armed with my phone to take notes and pix. I arrived at the venue only to be shocked by the sight of elderly-people-in-filipiniana-dresses walking their way in. I was like, what the heck?! At this point, i already knew it: the location posted on this website was WRONG.

So i found myself walking towards a nearby jollibee so i can research where on earth the venue really is, or if there really is a legit game to begin with. After a couple of minutes, Lumera tower gym became my new destination. Its just along legarda right in front of Arellano.

To cut it short, i missed the game and was left to watch Wang’s ball-club run roughshod on AMA. The only good thing is, UE won, thanks to Coach Pido.

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